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About us

About Us

PSD has been developing access control systems for the forecourt trade for over ten years. Our Codax™ products have proven so popular with customers and retailers that they are now the most common form of token-free access control in the World.

We are building on this leadership position, continually innovating and improving our product designs. We work hard to make sure that our equipment provides the best, uncompromised experience for your customers.

Our development center is focused on adapting new technologies to keep ahead of the market and bring new ways for operators to improve the flexibility, security and profitability of how they sell carwash and valet services.


Our customers include almost all the major forecourt operators worldwide and many smaller regional companies. Almost all of the major oil companies are Codax users, as are many of the leading supermarket chains.


We work closely with a global network of distributors, hardware manufacturers and service providers who supply and install our systems as well as providing local support. We are fully geared-up for efficient international dispatch and technical support. If you would like to find out more or require assistance finding a distributor near to you, please contact us.

PSD Codax also has good relationships with manufacturers of forecourt equipment and POS systems. For more information about joint development projects and opportunities, please contact us.

Environmental Statement

PSD strive to create top quality products that minimize impact on the environment. We work with all our partners to produce products that are in compliance with the relevant environmental regulations and legislation.

We also recognize our responsibility to minimize the quantity of electrical and electronic waste reaching landfill. For this reason we encourage reuse or responsible disposal of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE). All applicable products are marked with the crossed-out wheelie bin label to indicate the need for responsible disposal.

PSD are members of the Clarity Environmental Ltd Compliance Scheme in the UK; Producer registration number WEE/GK0204VX.

In summary:

  • Market leader for more than ten years
  • A driving force in innovation
  • Serving the majority of forecourt operators